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I am Christopher Oertell, a Beaverton, Oregon based sports and nature photographer. I got my start when I was a teenager with my parent's older Nikon SLR. I learned early on that I really liked taking images of things that move.

After a long pause in my photography, I was reintroduced to cameras in the form of the Nikon D70 in 2004. My D70 was mainly used for family shots and general outdoor photography. In 2009, I had joined the Portland/Vancouver Photography Meetup group and that really opened my eyes to what was out there and available to photograph. In 2010, I went out with my good friend Kent to Fernhill Wetlands in Forest Grove on a whim to see what this whole bird photography thing was all about. From that point on I was hooked on wildlife photography and specifically bird photography. Since that first day in January 2010, I have been on dozens of outings with both the Portland/Vancouver group as well the group that I run, the Portland/Beaverton Nature Photographers group. I love teaching people and leading trips out to some of our local wildlife areas and showing people tips and tricks on how to achieve better results. Photography is an extreme passion of mine and I am constantly learning new techniques to produce better images all the time.

Because of my wildlife photography, an old friend at a local university discovered my images and thought that I would make a good sports photographer. I guess he thought that since I liked to shoot moving things, that it would be a great fit, and it is! I have been a sports photographer since 2011 and am now shooting for Concordia University as their main photographer for all of their sports. I can also be found on the sidelines of Portland Timbers, Thorns and Hillsboro Hops games shooting for

Photography has really opened a lot of doors for me in the past few years and I have met countless friends through the various groups I am a part of. It has been a great journey so far and I am looking forward to what the future has in store for me!

Clients Include:

Concordia University Portland
Gonzaga University
Seattle University
Corban University
Western Oregon University
Portland State University
Evergreen State College
Northwest Christian
Cascade Collegiate Conference
Great Northwest Athletic Conference